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Tell me about your goals or obstacles on your path and I promise to give you at least three actionable steps to address them.


  1. You send me an intro message with the details
  2. We schedule a meeting together
  3. I familiarize myself with your case
  4. We meet and talk, I present my points
  5. You receive a personalized 3 steps plan that will improve your marketing activities
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Steam store optimization

Steam store page for your game is the single most important marketing bit at your disposal. But there is more depth to Steam product presence than just the game page. Make sure that you use this asset to the fullest.

Strategy consulting

Whether you want to start from the scratch, or seek a second opinion, or even last minute thoughts before launch – I can recommend improvements to your strategy so it is airtight.

TikTok coaching

TikTok is still the best place for organic self-promotion but it won’t stay that way forever. If you struggle with understanding this platform while it is still hot and trending, let me teach you how to work it.

Community building

Community has the potential to be your fiercest advocate, most loyal ambassador, and most thorough playtester. It goes beyond Discord though, being nearly omnipresent online. Together we can grow it and care for it.

Influencer marketing

Show your game to the wide audience on YouTube and Twitch through both paid influencer partnerships and organic outreach campaigns.

Market research

Did you check is there demand for your game before developing it? Do you know who is your target audience and what are their expectations? Discover the tools and methodology to do just that.

Complete marketing care

Hire me to accompany your business efforts all the way through: your game launch, post-release support, or the continuous process of growing your brand.

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