“What is a man? A memorable little pile of projects”

Since 2021:

  • Planned & executed Steam releases
  • Arranged video coverage from hundreds of influencer channels
  • Both paid partnerships & organic outreach campaigns, YouTube & Twitch
  • Increased following & engagement for online presence on Twitter/X, TikTok, Steam, Discord
  • Consulted and supported indie game campaigns in the Steam, Steamworks, influencer, Discord, TikTok, and Reddit areas of marketing

Some games I worked with:

D-Corp Steam game Janek Krasoczko
Danger Scavenger Steam game Janek Krasoczko
MARS 2120 Steam game Janek Krasoczko
Lunars Steam game Janek Krasoczko
Kandria Steam game Janek Krasoczko
The Wagadu Chronicles Steam game Janek Krasoczko
Agency game First Level Games Janek Krasoczko
Brewpub Simulator Steam game Janek Krasoczko
Unpetrified Dreamhunt Steam game Janek Krasoczko
Blockbuster Inc Steam game Janek Krasoczko
The Constructors Steam game Janek Krasoczko
Hotel Galactic Ancient Forge Janek Krasoczko

  • Some of the client work listed above was done on behalf of RenGen Marketing
  • My non-client work for RenGen Marketing included:
  • Collaborative business development activities (strategy & implementation) towards brand awareness, customer satisfaction, lead generation
  • Research on: markets, customer needs, potential products, services, & partners
  • Analytics, optimization, & documentation
  • 360 social media management
  • Organization, distribution & promotion for Indie Game Movement podcast by RenGen


  • Organized two editions of “Friendship Games Week” Steam festival
  • Successfully negotiated Steam front page presence (two years in a row)
  • Increased game sales 200%
  • Coordinated with Valve & over 100 participating indie developers & publishers
  • Measured nearly 100% satisfaction rate from the participants reporting growth in traffic, wishlist, & sales
  • Handled event page design, support, social media, & influencer campaigns in under 3 months

Sale event pages:

Friendship Games Week 2021 Steam festival sale event page organization
Friendship Games Week 2023 Steam festival sale event page organization

From 2014 to 2019:

  • Established GOG.com brand presence in Linux & macOS gaming communities
  • Twitter/X, Reddit, GamingOnLinux.com, and the GOG.com forum section of the store
  • Held technical authority over entire GOG.com catalog of Linux games
  • Oversaw couple hundred game releases
  • Co-developed game installers & CI pipeline
  • Designed technical support policies
  • Managed & executed game QA tests
  • Troubleshooted & reported OS-level bugs directly to partnered developers


GOG.com Linux games store
GOG.com Linux games support documentation
GOG.com Linux games installer development
GOG.com Linux games platform support product launch

Indie game development:

  • Released 5 games for Windows, Linux, Android on itch.io:
  • Designed, programmed, created assets in Unity, C#, Lua, Love2d, RPG Maker, GIMP, LMMS, sfxr
  • Wrote over 10,000 words of story & dialogues
  • Organized & coordinated playtests
Sharp Turn Unity game development itch.io
Blobby Flight Unity game development itch.io
Hero Escape Love2d game development itch.io
Miniwolf Unity game development itch.io