“Marketing. Marketing never changes.”

Hi, my name is Janek Krasoczko. 🕹️

I am a game marketing generalist with a diverse technical background. My main focus are indie game studios and publishers. It is my objective to see them succeed in the harsh reality of the saturated 2020s video games market.

You can learn how I can help your game here:

Releasing a game might seem like a daunting task. I am here to make that task easier for you. To even the odds in the world full of intimidating data: most developers never get to release a second game. Most developers never turn profit. 😤

Let us flip that data together: learn from it, adapt, avoid roadblocks, and see your game reach its audience. I will not promise you becoming the next bestseller or a smash hit. But what I can promise is that through honest work I will make your process more efficient or I will help you start.

Game marketing is an integral part of game development.

It is time to get to work. These are just some of the options!